Solid State Cooling Systems, Inc. (the Company) provides a full parts and labor warranty to its customers.  The warranty lengths for standard products are listed below; however, for custom units or prototypes the warranty length will be specified in the quotation upon which a purchase order is made.  Malfunctioning products should be returned to the Company by the method described below.  The Company will provide a Failure Analysis Report to the customer and will determine if the problem is covered under warranty.

Two Years
Cold plates
ThermoCube (one year on Diagpragm pumps)

One Year

Warranty Coverage:

Products with defects in components or manufacturing which are reported to the Company before the end of the warranty period will be repaired or replaced at no cost. The warranty period begins on the date the product was initially shipped from the Company's factory.

Excluded from Warranty:

Excluded from warranty is any damage caused to the product occurring during, but not limited to, such events as shipment, installation, storage, or operation in a situation specifically cautioned against or noted in the product manual.

Specific situations, which invalidate the warranty, include (but are not limited to):

  • Removing the serial number label.
  • Any disassembly (partial or complete) of a heat exchanger, power supply or chiller. 
  • Subjecting a heat exchanger or chiller to temperatures below the freezing point of the heat transfer fluid contained inside the unit. 
  • Subjecting a heat exchanger or chiller to unfiltered water. 
  • Subjecting any product to temperature, voltage, current, or pressure (internal or external) greater than that specified in the product manual. 
  • Employing pulse-width-modulated control at less than 1000 Hz. 
  • Operation of a power supply with a non-original enclosure or any replacement components. As well as voiding the warranty, these actions will also void the CE Mark (Switchback 6600 CE model power supply).

    Returned Goods Procedure and Reporting Requirements:

    Before any product is returned, a Returned Materials Authorization (RMA) number must be obtained.  Please call (845) 296-1300 during normal business hours (8 am to 5 pm, weekdays, eastern standard time, USA) and ask for an RMA number.  The date the RMA is requested will be the reporting date noted and relevant to the warranty.  The customer must pay shipping charges to deliver any product to the Company.  If the failure is determined to be covered by the warranty, then the Company will pay return shipping charges to the customer.  Otherwise, the customer must also pay return shipping charges.  In the case of customers outside the United States, the customer must pay all shipping charges.