Thermoelectric Chillers Versus Refrigerant-Based Chillers

Refrigerant-based chiller Thermoelectric-based chiller
What It Does: Provides liquid at constant T Same
Cooling Capacity: Moderate to high Low to moderate (depends on coolant and ambient tempertures)
Temp Control method: Hot gas bypass and/or pulse on heater
Lock in on load
Variable cooling power
Temp Control type: PID On/Off PID variable voltage
Where Does Heat Go? Fan through heat exchanger to room Same
Low load T Control: Marginal Excellent
Temperature Cycling Capability: No Can input 2 temperatures and dwell time for each temp in sec, min or hrs

Some Differences Between Our Thermoelectric Chillers and Refrigerant-Based Chillers

Chiller Component Refrigerant-based Thermoelectric
Cooling Engine Gas compressor Thermoelectric device (electrons)
Heating Engine Heater Thermoelectric device (electrons)
Power Electric motor Variable output DC power supply
Control Method On/off Infinitely variable
Moving Parts Compressor
Hot gas bypass valve
Gas  HCFC refrigerant
HFC refrigerant