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Custom System Development

We pride ourselves on our willingness to develop custom solutions for our OEM customers. In addition to supporting custom features on our standard product lines, we have also designed fully custom systems for specific customer applications. If none of our standard product lines meet your specific needs, ask us about doing a full custom design.

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Repair Services

With over 60,000 units shipped to date, we are committed to service any unit in need of repair or maintenance. Our products have been designed for ease of service, and we maintain stock of the most commonly needed spare parts. It is not unusual for us to receive a request to service units that have been running for ten years. Often these units just need some basic clean-up and replacement of the pump. Our service technicians are very experienced and can usually help diagnose issues over the phone. If you have a unit which requires service, just look on the Support Page for contact information.

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Electrical Design & Assembly

We have our own Electronic Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design and manufacturing facility located near Buffalo, New York. We design and manufacture many of the electronic boards used in our products, and we are offering that same capability to our customers. If you have a need for custom PCB development or rapid prototyping, please contact us.

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Manufacturing Services

We also have a fully tooled machine shop located in Poughkeepsie New York, not far from our main facility. The machine shop is used to manufacture our custom cold plates along with any other special parts used on our products. We are now offering our customers access to this same capability. If you have a need for custom machined parts or rapid prototypes, please contact us.

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