ThermoRack 1201

thermorack 1201The Ultimate Chiller for Plasma Etch

ThermoRack 1201 is a 19" rack-mount thermoelectric recirculating chiller specifically designed for: 

  • semiconductor manufacturing 
  • plasma etch 
  • plasma ash 
  • solar and flat panel display manufacturing 

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ThermoRack 1200 End of Life Notice

As of September 16, 2016 we have declared End of Life and Last Time Buy on our ThermoRack 1200 product, which has been replaced with the functionally equivalent ThermoRack 1201.  Please click link to view the End of Life Notification:

ThermoRack 1200 End of Life Notice 


Why choose ThermoRack 1201?
ThermoRack is designed to resolve the problems caused to a fab by conventional refrigerant-based chillers; reliability, size, noise, first wafer effect, consistent wafer-to-wafer and within-wafer temperature control and power consumption are all improved by ThermoRack's thermoelectric technology. We applied our experience in the semiconductor industry, built on the design and manufacture of thermoelectric-based temperature control products since 1994, to the creation of our ThermoRack 1201 Watt chiller specifically for poly, metal and trans-ambient oxide etchers. 


  • Precise temperature control
  • Compact, rack-mount chiller
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Improved wafer-to-wafer repeatability
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Increased MTBF
  • Saved fab space
  • Reduced repair costs
  • Eliminated Freons and their replacement chemicals
  • Can operate in heating or cooling modes
  • Programmed for Lam Research analog, (single channel, single channel dual output or dual output Master/Slave) Applied Materials CHX and TEL Unity II plasma etcher interfaces

Proactive, Precise Temperature Response
Because electrons are, in essence, providing temperature control in ThermoRack, the thermoelectric modules inside the chiller's heat exchanger respond nearly instantaneously to the variable voltage power supply’s instructions when the load changes. ThermoRack operates in heating or cooling modes with an easy-to-use temperature setpoint interface. The digital PID temperature controls process temperatures to ±0.05 °C at constant heat loads or to ±0.2 °C with a 500 Watt cycling load (equivalent to a 1000 Watt plasma process). See cooling capacity curve under the Performance tab below.

Quiet Operation
Compared with noisy refrigerant-based chillers, the thermoelectic-based ThermoRack chiller is surprisingly quiet.  At only 55 dBA, ThermoRack is 1/3rd as loud as a refrigerant-based chiller.

Compact and Space-Saving
ThermoRack is housed in a 19" rack mount enclosure to minimize space. Six chillers can fit in one rack with a footprint of only 5 square feet. Each chiller is 20" deep and 8.72" tall, and weighs only 71 lbs. A full rack of six compact ThermoRack chillers uses only 1/6th the footprint, 1/8th the volume, and 1/7th the weight of six stand-alone refrigerant-based chillers for plasma etch applications.

Simple and Reliable
ThermoRack contains tested components and a simple, straightforward design. Its only two moving parts are the pump and cooling fan. The solid-state thermoelectric modules have lifetimes exceeding 200,000 hours. Based on over three years of field data, the ThermoRack has an MTBF greater than 60,000 hours for plasma etch and ash applications. A two-year parts and labor warranty demonstrates our confidence in ThermoRack’s reliability.

The ThermoRack chiller can reduce energy costs up to 93% compared to a refrigerant-based chiller for plasma etch. As published at an ISMI meeting, ThermoRack 1201 averages 288 W of consumed AC power. The thermoelectric technology at its core is based on electron flow, not refrigerant flow. During chiller operation, the thermoelectric modules in the chiller’s heat exchanger are only powered as much as is necessary to meet the temperature setpoints. When not needed or needed only at a low level, the modules are either powered to the exact amount required or not powered at all, unlike a conventional refrigerant-based chiller, which operates in an “always-on” mode. Such chillers use a heater or hot gas bypass to control temperature, which requires a constant high level of power, regardless of load. A number of on-site comparison tests have shown that ThermoRack saves around 4.2 kW continuously or about $3680 per year for poly and metal etch processes at $0.12/kwhr.

Lower Environmental Impact
The ThermoRack chiller minimizes environmental impact and helps meet ISO 14001 environmental standards in four ways. First, ThermoRack does not use chemical refrigerants of any kind. Second, it reduces energy usage and cost by up to 93%. Because the thermoelectric modules are powered up or down by the variable voltage, variable current power supply and PID temperature controller to the exact amount of heating or cooling required to meet a temperature setpoint, the ThermoRack does not run in a full-on mode like a refrigerant-based chiller (see power consumption curve under Performance tab below). Third, ThermoRack reduces perfluorinated ether emissions because it does not require tank venting. The tank operates as a surge tank, which remains at ambient temperature, so the coolant in the tank does not heat up. ThermoRack’s coolant loop is completely sealed and does not require ventilation. Fourth, ThermoRack requires 60% less process cooling water and adds 80% less heat to the process cooling water while reducing the facility's air conditioning load by 85%.



track 1200 coolingcapacity april2014 webTRack1200standardpumpcurves April2014 web 

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Operating Range: -10°C to 80°C
Ambient Temperature: 10°C to 40°C non-condensing
Stability / Repeatability: ± 0.05°C at constant load (even near ambient)
Cooling Capacity: Up to 1340 Watts @ 20°C with 20°C facility water
Heating Capacity: Up to 2000 Watts @ 20°C with 20°C facility water
Coolant / Process Fluid: Glycol / water mix, Fluorinert / Galden or HFE
Process Fluid Fittings: 1/2" Swagelok
Pump: 14 lpm (3.7 gpm) @ 30 psig with HFE
Tank Volume: 5.7 liter (1.5 gal) with 2 level sensors
Facility Water: 4-19 lpm (1-5 gpm) @ 10-35°C filtered, treated recirculating facility cooling water
Facility Water Fittings: 1/2" Swagelok (316 stainless steel)
N2/CDA (Optional): 500 sccm -30°C dew point or lower CDA or N2,
30-60 psig (2-4 bar) for low temperature operation
Wetted Materials: Process:  Aluminum, stainless steel and polymers
Facility:  Teflon impregnated anodized aluminum
and stainless steel
Size (W x D x H): 19" x 24" x 8.7" 5U (48.3 x 61 x 22.1 cm)
Weight: 70 lbs (31 kg)
Power Input: 200-240 VAC 1 phase, 50/60 Hz, 10 amp max
Circuit Breaker: 16 amp 200-250 VAC 2-pole with 30 mA GFCI
Remote EMO: External dry contact
Communications: Lam analog, AMAT CHX and Tel Unity II
Alarms: Temperature, fluid level, system or component
failure (display, dry contact and machine interface
Standards: Semi S2-0200, F47 compliant, CE,
TUV listed to UL, CAN/CSA and EN 61010-1
Warranty: 2 years



ThermoRack models are available for each of these applications/interfaces:

Plasma Etch
Lam Research analog interface
Applied Materials CHX interface

Plasma Ash

Additional options available
Dual channel master and slave configuration
Coolants: Galden, Fluorinert, and water

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