Nikola 3K/5K

Nikola-mainEnergy efficient, precise temperature control for Plasma Etch and other critical semiconductor processes

Providing up to 5,500 Watts of cooling capacity @ 20°C with 20°C facility chilled water (PCW), the Nikola 3K and Nikola 5K thermoelectric recirculating chillers are the ideal solution for precise temperature control of critical semiconductor processing equipment.

Using proprietary algorithms for precise temperature control, Nikola 3K/5K helps improve wafer to wafer repeatability and minimizes first wafer effect.

Nikola 3K/5K has been designed to dramatically reduce cost of ownership. Our use of thermoelectric technology instead of compressors, these systems run problem-free for years with little or no required maintenance. Using 60 to 80% less power than comparable Freon-based chillers customers can realize immediate reductions in power and facility water costs.

Our systems do not use Freon or any similar chemical refrigerants,
Nikola 3K/5K is more environmentally friendly than compressor

Key features:
  • Cooling capacities of ~3,000 Watts @ 20°C with 20°C PCW 
for Nikola 3K and ~5,000 Watts for Nikola 5K
  • ±0.05°C temperature stability / repeatability
  • Operating range: -10°C to 80°C
  • Two pump choices with up to 10 GPM flow and 100 psig pressure
  • Various machine interfaces available, including Lam analog,
 AMAT CHX, AMAT analog, Tel Unit II and Tel Unity M
  • 3/4" Swagelok inlet/outlet fittings standard
  • 2 year warranty

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Operating Range -10°C to 80°C
Ambient Temperature 10°C to 40°C non-condensing
Stability / Repeatability ± 0.05°C at constant load (even near ambient)
Cooling Capacity1 Nikola 3K: 3000 Watts @ 20°C (20°C facility water)
Nikola 5K: 5000 Watts @ 20°C (20°C facility water)
Coolant / Process Fluid Set up for Fluorinert / Galden or HFE fluids
Optional Glycol / Water configuration available
Process Fluid Fittings 3/4" Swagelok (316 stainless steel)
Pump Magnetically coupled turbine (standard or large)
Flow Rate Up to 10 gpm (38 lpm) with adjustable flow and pressure (10 to 100 psig)
Tank Volume 10 liter (2.6 gal) with 2 level sensors
Facility Water 25 lpm (6 gpm) @ 7-25°C filtered, treated recirculating facility cooling water, pH 6.5 to 8.2
Facility Water Fittings 3/4" Swagelok (316 stainless steel)
N2/CDA (required) 500 sccm -30°C dew point or lower CDA or N2, 30-60 psig (2-4 bar) for low temperature operation
Wetted Materials Process: Aluminum, stainless steel and polymers
Facility: Teflon impregnated anodized aluminum and stainless steel
Size (W x D x H) 22" x 28" x 35" (56 x 71 x 89 cm)
Weight ~300 lbs (136 kg) dry
Power Input 200-240 VAC 3 phase, 50/60 Hz, 20/30 amp max
Circuit Breaker 20/30 amp 480 VAC 3-pole with GFCI
Remote EMO External dry contact
Communications Lam analog, AMAT CHX or analog and Tel Unity
Alarms Temperature, fluid level, system or component failure (display, dry contact and machine interface)
Standards Semi S2-0200, F47 compliant, CE
Warranty 2 years
Note 1: Cooling capacity will vary with configuration and faclity water temperature / flow rates

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