Compact Chillers

We offer the smallest recirculating chillers in the industry. These systems offer 160 to 270 watts of cooling capacity with a small 5” x 7.5” footprint. They are a perfect solution when you have minimal space or need to integrate the chiller into your system.

Benchtop Chillers

Our broad portfolio of benchtop chillers offers precise (±0.05°C) temperature control for many different applications across multiple market segments. These products are known for their compact size, long-life reliability and quiet operation.

Air Cooled Rackmount Chillers

Our rackmount products offer the same benefits of our benchtop chillers in a standard 19” rack form factor. Cooling capacities are available from 300 to over 1,000 watts, making these chillers ideal for lasers, optics, laboratory, medical, analytical equipment and many other applications.

PAO Chillers

We are now well known across the aerospace industry for providing leak-free precision temperature control for applications using PAO or similar hydraulic fluids as coolants. We have met the specific needs of this industry with both standard and customized products, with cooling capacities up to 1,000 watts.

Semiconductor Chillers

Our company was initially founded to serve the semiconductor industry, so we understand the demands of this market. Our semiconductor products are specifically designed to provide compact, precise, stable and energy efficient temperature control for plasma etch, ash, CVD and other critical semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Cleanstream / Switchback

These unique and patented systems, used in semiconductor, plating or life sciences applications, have been specifically developed for precise temperature control of high purity or corrosive fluids.

Cold Plates

The same patented, low thermal resistance and uniform cold plates we use in our thermoelectric heat exchange are also available for sale as individual cold plates. We offer a wide range of cold plates for low, medium and high flow applications.

Lab Automation Products

To better serve the Lab Automation market, we have developed unique products which provide temperature control for both microplates and fluid vessels.