Why choose ThermoWrap?

  • A low cost alternative to open recirculating baths for control of bottles or canisters
  • Precise control between 0°C and 50°C
  • ±0.1°C Temperature Stability/repeatability
  • Fluid channels have been optimized for uniform temperature control
  • Two available sizes: ~20” x 5.75” and ~20” x 8” – ThermoWrap adjusts to size of fluid container
  • Can be used with any of our Benchtop recirculating chillers with centrifugal pumps
  • Use 1/4” valved APC inlet/outlet fittings
  • Makes it easy to change bottles – containers remain dry
  • Separate insulating bag available for even better control
  • We also offer fully insulated, three layer hoses to connect to the chiller
  • An excellent solution for sample bottle, chemical canisters, bubblers or other liquid containers


ThermoWrap Temperature Control


Operating Range
0°C to 50°C
Ambient Temperature
10°C to 40°C non-condensing
Stability / Repeatability
± 0.1°C at constant load
Maximum Fluid Pressure
20 psig (1.38 bar-g)
SSCS Chiller
TCube edge or
ThermoCube with centrifugal pump
Coolant / Process Fluid
Koolance (27% propylene glycol/water mix)
(Contact SSCS for other fluids)
Available Sizes
5.75" x 19.875" or 8" x 19.875"
2 years (only valid if used with SSCS chillers)