Energy Saving Articles

Since 1994, SSCS has been on the forefront of energy-savings by using thermoelectric technology at the core of our temperature control products. Our rack-mount and compact chillers provide a substantial 75%–95% energy savings in fabs and laboratories worldwide. As new and innovative energy-saving technology or strategies emerge, we will post links to these articles so that our web visitors may also learn more.

Energy Conservation, (Semicon Europa, Oct 2008) by Sanjay Baliga, SEMI
SEMI held an Energy Conservation Symposium addressing such issues as carbon footprint and high energy costs.
   We apologize - this article is no longer available on the SEMI web site. 

Strategies for Energy Reduction in Semiconductor Manufacturing, (Solid State Technology, Oct 2008) by Thomas Huang
ISMI’s Environment Safety Health (ESH) Program has undertaken specific projects to demonstrate efficiency and conserve energy in semiconductor manufacturing operations.
   We apologize - this article is no longer available on the Solid State Technology site.